KC Bottle Review

KC Collapsible Water Bottle – $14.99


I have had and have lost a lot of water bottles. Like most people, I struggle to stay properly hydrated and stay challenged in maintaining the habit of keeping a water bottle with me everywhere I go – in my car, purse, gym bag and even next to my bed. As a performance athlete and eager outdoor enthusiast, this is especially important to my health, wellbeing and clarity of mind – as it is for any other living organism. As I’ve recognized the hard way more than once, water is as vital as the air we breathe and building habits around hydration are a lifelong effort. You can’t really cheat your way out of that one.

That’s why companies like KC Bottle provide options and their collapsible water bottles are a unique addition to your collection. The selling point of the KC bottle is it’s ability to be made compact and retract – like an accordion! At full size, the KC bottle holds 20 oz. of water, but can be condensed to nearly half its size, making it a good companion to outdoor adventures or any other moments you might want to stow it away.


KC’s website calls the bottle “100% environmentally friendly” and the patent has been FDA approved. It’s BPA free and can go through the dishwasher, too. The body of the bottle is constructed of silicone and the neck base is made of a hard plastic. A silicone caps seals tight for classy, yet rugged, touch and there’s even a mini carabiner to attach your bottle to your backpack strap. Fully extended, the lean bottle reaches just under 10″ and can fit into any normal cup holder. The collapsible bottle currently comes in four colors – midnight black, citrus orange, lime green and pacific blue.

It’s not a Hydroflask – this bottle is not meant to keep your water cool for long. But I think KC Bottle fills a different niche and at $15 (including tax), it’s a hard deal to beat. This likely isn’t going to be my go-to bottle for the heat of the summer, but for everyday use it’s much more convenient than the rest of my collection. Because of it’s lightweight and compact structure, I’m much more inclined to take the bottle with me as I head out the door and toss it into my bag or clip it to my keys. It’s a pop-up fix to my battle against chronic dehydration and when I’m done, I can pack it back down just as easily. Plus… it’s kind of fun to play with.

Despite it’s somewhat flimsy appearance, it’s actually a very well constructed bottle. The silicone, of course, isn’t going to get crushed like your shaker bottle will if you dump a dumbbell on it or drop it into some rocks. I wouldn’t put a lot of trust into the carabiner for long, though – a sturdier replacement would upgrade the bottle for more than its cents. But the main thing – there’s no funky taste in the water left from the container.

If you need a boost in your H20 habits, KC Bottle provides a unique bottle like I’ve never seen before and comes at a pretty reasonable price.

For a chance to win a FREE KC Bottle, keep an eye out for a giveaway soon on my social media!

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