Finding Destiny

First I found a baby sparrow that I named Sky.

I tried my best to do what I could to heal it, but I was afraid to let it go and Sky died after just two days. I watched her heart beat slow to a stop on the third morning. I begged for some miraculous chance that Sky would come back to life and then I sat there for the next half hour waiting, and I cried. I knew it was too late.

I buried Sky next to my cat, Angel, as well as my other childhood friends in our family “pet cemetery.”

A week after Sky died, I was run over by a speed boat in the lake. I swam to shore perfectly well in body, but there are some things that happen to the rest of you when you witness death come.

Maybe chaos does come in three’s; a nauseating hurricane of it followed. I hung to the eye of the storm until I had one of those realizations you get in moments of death.

A group of little boys in the Bear Cabin found a sparrow that had presumably fallen from her nest and become tangled in bushes. They declared her femininity, named her Destiny and brought her to me.

I couldn’t; I didn’t want to. Her leg was broken, one wing was damaged and she was far weaker than the first – she couldn’t stand on her own and I doubted she would survive the night. I promised the boys anyway and she was alive the next morning.

Two boys came to check on her that next afternoon. I admitted to them the story about Sky, but they had plenty of hope and a little idea. They asked me to bring her to their nightly campfire.

I brought her the next night and she was carefully balanced in little Carter’s arms as he shared the Bear Boys story of finding Destiny and her poor condition, asking if their fellow camp mates might help them care for her during the week. Bright embers of the campfire floated around us as little Carter asked an entire camp of kids and staff to hold hands with him and pray for Destiny’s healing.

For the next week, I witnessed the unworldly love, excitement and hope of kids who wholeheartedly prayed to Jesus. They sacrificed their free moments to clean out her box, feed her and look after her when I couldn’t. They eagerly raced up to me to ask, “How is Destiny?, “Can I hold her?” and they shared with me their prayers before meal and bed times. By the end of the week, she could stand on both legs.

An increasingly longer story cut short, I watched hundred of kids over the course of the summer do the same thing. Each week, she became stronger and more capable and I had one of those realizations you get in moments of life.

In the quest to find our own destiny, to manifest our dreams into the reality we are in, the last thing most people want is the simple answer. Everybody wants to be a god, but they don’t really want God. Neither, really, did I. People want energy, connection and enlightenment …on their own terms. So, honestly, did I. Until I realized that it’s not about my light at all.

I went to Jesus camp to see if G-O-D would really show up. I prayed for a miracle that Sky would come back to life and Destiny, I’m convinced, fell from the heavens – Sky incarnate.

The truth is, Destiny found me.

If the Power of our universe can be so personal as it has been to me, it is as simple as sharing this little story. Because if you’re reading this, maybe Destiny has found you, too.

For more stories about Destiny, go to @destinyfoundme

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