We all hide. We clothe ourselves daily in the curtains of our family, culture, and personality. We adorn ourselves in the robes we’ve been given or the ones we’ve gathered along the way. We’ve all seen that we’re naked.

But beaneath that fabric, you’re still bare. Behind a veil, you will be blind.

Unbutton your cloak of reservation and let fall from your shoulders the burdens of subjected responsibility. Let loose the buckle of false identity and expose your ego and pride. Let’s untie the laces that bind your aggression and past afflictions. Let them fall to a pile on the shore and dive into the ocean.

How?, you ask. You just do.

Forgive your nakedness. Forgive every bump, every wrinkle, every flaw, and every static glitch upon your reflection. Forgive your asymmetry, your lacks and your losses, forgive that you’re losing to time. Forget anything you weren’t born with and forget anything you are except what you were in the womb, because back then you already knew how to swim – and that is all you need to know when you jump into the ocean.

Waves may be relentless, but they always wash us clean. Even storms bring a rainbow to remind us that we’re free.

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