Fuel of the Flame

Fire, without fuel, is already dying. To be ablaze is to endlessly feed the flame. Void of the things that our passions burn to consume, soul dies and both ash and smoke blow away in the wind.

We all have a passion. Perhaps you call yours a hobby or family or your job, or maybe you vicariously entertain it by watching it from behind a screen. There are passing moments we’ve each lived in that make our skin tingle, brightens our eyes, or teases the mind to wander. At one point or another, we’ve all felt the trance of fire.

Most say it’s foolish to play with fire and turn back to the safer and cooler places.

Many like to watch the flames flicker, but ignore the lure for sensible reason.

Some will lean in and play with the fire, but stay safe enough to avoid the burn.

But few will walk into the fire and live in the flames.

To be fully consumed by a flame is death, to be the fuel is to turn to dust – so we fear. But the fallacy that our desires and our passions are something separate of ourselves maintains the separation between who we are and what we could dream to be so we teach a caution of fire and deny the seduction, not realizing that we were never the fuel to begin with. We are not victim to the flame.

What we fail to realize is that the fire isn’t outside of ourselves, ready to consume us, but it is something that we already are. Flame doesn’t burn the fire; the fire is in the flame.

Our fuel is our outlet. Our fuel is the thing we use to feed the flames. Our fuel is our freedom to choose the thing we live for that grows our always burning flame.To deny passion, to deny the outlet, that is the death. We don’t turn to dust because we walked into the flame, we become ash when we walk out of it, trying to live in the fire of others because we are afraid of our own.

We were all born of stars and to each a burning flame. Live there. Burn there. 

“…Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

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