You Are Enough

We live in a culture perpetuated by fear – fear of the future, insecurity of self, a lack of passion for the pursuit we are living. We cover it with hard work, business and an heir of confidence we ride the edge to maintain. We find pride and confidence in our ability to carry more and we admire those who juggle the world like a circus clown. We fervently seek after something we don’t fully comprehend, we drive hard and fast to no visible end, yet we find our identity in work ethic or maybe passion of the moment. This badge of honor has become the mask of our culture but what we fail to recognize is that we need no credit, we need no mask.

The world of fitness is an incredible tool to help us realize our true potential. We fight back the captivities of society – fast food, desk jobs and a manic mindset. When we find community in that, we thrive. The collection of seeking our best selves alongside others is a powerful dynamic that all sorts of team, sport and business alike, recognize its value and its power. The community you surround yourself with matters.

Yet the reason so many chase after fitness often begins at an emptiness rooted in a distain for self – we’re not slim enough, we’re not strong enough, we aren’t beautiful or buff enough. We walk into the gym with a mindfulness to work hard so that we can reap the better versions of ourselves that we seek. We create discomfort and we overcome it and we face our fears of physical pain and we tell ourselves to “grind” through it. Yet we’re always seeking more and we get increasingly frustrated as we don’t see the results we expect, the ones we think we deserve. We’re always seeking something more, something to satisfy our cravings and something to tell us that we “made it.”

But what if I told you that you already have it?

As kids, we believed we could do anything. We learned to walk not because we felt we had to, but because we wanted to. We walked because we already could and we already knew how, we just had to find it and the people around us encouraged our growth. We ddid what was once impossible without question. A babies first steps are often straight into the arms of a parent and there was never anything to prove.

When was the first time you felt you had to do something? How often do you feel it now? What keeps you up at night and what wakes you up in the morning or are you aimlessly keeping up with your list of tasks just to keep yourself busy by working hard? What made you start believing that you had to do anything that didn’t make you happy? What lies have you believed and what lies do you tell yourself that make you live your life the way that you do? What makes you believe that you’re not enough for anything you have ever wanted to do? What are the things that tell you that it is impossible?

Live your life like you can and stop living like you can’t. Trade hard work for diligence, trade your busyness with enjoying the moment, and trade your doubt for confidence and belief. Live your life exactly like you want and tell yourself that you are enough for it. Stop living in the valley and climb up the mountain. You are enough. 

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