PerformaSleep Mattress Review

PerformaSleep Mattress $525-975

You don’t have to be an expert in mattress construction to know what a good night of sleep feels like. I’m not talking about textbook eight-hours-good, but actual, quality sleep that optimizes your recovery from daily stressors. Although to an inactive individual those concepts may seem one and the same, performance athletes are more likely to able to recognize the impacts of good sleep, or lack of, regardless of the hours spent in bed.

As a CrossFit athlete currently training for the California Regionals and aspiring for the CrossFit Games, recovery is an increasingly mindful practice to balance 3-5 hours of daily physical training. My own interests in recovery techniques have taken me to explore the world of macronutrient timing, supplementation, neuromuscular electric stimulation, active release therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, and breathe practice, among others. The closer to the peak of human performance you approach, the greater the value in each of these practices. My own experimentation and study into improved sleep quality has included light deprivation with the use of blackout curtains or scheduled reduction of blue light (think cell phones, TV’s and laptops) as well as sleep mapping with smartphone apps such as Sleep Cycle.

Despite my otherwise best effort recovery practices, changing out my mattress hadn’t really crossed my mind. Mostly out of necessity for a new bed after a spontaneous move to a competing region, I contacted PerformaSleep and offered an honest review in exchange for something to sleep on.

I was initially skeptical – I mean, how good can a boxed pad of foam actually be? My knowledge of PerformaSleep, previous to testing and further research, was limited to their marketing to the CrossFit scene and representing a few well known athletes. I usually prefer a softer mattress and my previous mattress I even covered with an additional pillow topper for extra “cloud-like” feel, however, research shows that a firmer surface is better for quality sleep so a free mattress seemed like a no-risk experimentation anyway.

With that being said, I can honestly tell you that I’ve slept with the most consistent quality in my PerformaSleep of any mattress I’ve owned and my experience only continues to improve.

Out of The Box

The kid in me makes this part the most exciting. The foam mattress comes compressed, rolled up and in a relatively small box. When you cut open the plastic cover, the mattress explodes and grows before your eyes like a bath bomb or grow-in-water toy (remember those?). Fun aside, this feature allows PerformaSleep to offer free shipping to customers and saves the hassle of setting up a delivery time and clumsy loading crew. It means you can also order your mattress right from home and skip the traditional process of mattress shopping via salesman. Although appearance of the mattress little matters to it’s performance, the design is clean and simple, sans grandma floral pattern. I was initially concerned that a rolled up mattress out of a cardboard box might feel flimsy and weak, but was surprised at how solid it’s construction felt and although I’d like to say I was able to move my Cali King by myself, (sigh), I could not.

Key Features

The PerformaSleep is constructed of three foam layers, each adding it’s own supposed benefit to better quality sleep:

The base layer, or PerformaBase layer, is a 7” foundation of high-density foam that provides the solid construction of the mattress. The center, or Enersorb, layer is intended to contour with adequate pushback to eliminate “sinking” into the mattress. Finally, one of the main selling points of the PerformaSleep is it’s 2” top layer, the CopperCool gel layer, and is used for its antimicrobial and cooling properties. Copper has been used in ancient history for many healing purposes and continues to be used in health products today, such as joint sleeves. Although I wouldn’t say the “rejuvenating” properties of the copper are mind-blowing apparent, I definitely notice better regulated body temperature throughout the night. No waking up with night sweats!


I was wary of a firmer mattress versus my usual preference to melt into my bedding, but the PerformaSleep mattress has benefited my own experiments into better human performance by improving my positions of recovery and posture even while I sleep. A usual slide sleeper, I’ve changed habits quite literally overnight by use of the PerformaSleep and now sleep consistently on my back and rarely wake up in a new position or shift in my sleep.


Final Thoughts

A king size mattress from PerformaSleep is a little under $1000 and though a higher price tag than many of your other recovery efforts, the benefits of good sleep to recovery offer remarkably higher feedback whether you’re a business professional or elite athlete, making the price tag a worthy one in perspective.

I fall asleep faster, sleep cooler, move less and wakeup better rested on my PerformaSleep than any mattress I’ve slept on before. Although I never imagined I would want a stiffer, cooler mattress compared to my normal preferences, this mattress has taught me much about improved recovery through sleep and the optimal conditions in which I can continue my “training” even while sleeping and I highly recommend an investment into a PerformaSleep mattress.

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