Cotopaxi Sueño Sleeping Bag Review

Cotopaxi Sueño Sleeping Bag $349.95


Weight: 2lbs 13oz / 1.27 kg

Temp. Rating: 15F / -9C

Length: 82in (208cm)

Unpacked Dimensions (shoulder x hip x foot circumference): 62 x 56 x 47in (157 x 142 x 119cm)

Packed Dim: 9 x 17in (23 x 43cm)

Fill Power / Type: 800 water-resistant duck down

Zip Side: 2-way right-side zipper; half-length left-side zipper


Duraflex Eyelok Hood Adjustment

20D Nylon with DWR Finish

Pillow Pocket

Draft Collar

Insulated Media Pocket

Mummy Shape with Tall Footbox

Cotopaxi Company Profile

Adventure helps people see the world and drives them to improve it. That’s why we’ve created Cotopaxi—a new outdoor company that funds sustainable poverty alleviation, moves people to do good, and inspires adventure through innovative outdoor products and experiences.”

Cotopaxi was founded in 2013 by Davis Smith and Stephan Jacob, inspired by Davis’ childhood at the base of Cotopaxi in Ecuador where he grew up hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Davis sought to start a business that would integrate his love of adventure with his Good Samaritan spirit and desire to help reduce global poverty. Along with his fellow business-school graduate Stephan Jacob, the “Gear for Good” company was born. Cotopaxi’s unique business model as a Benefit Corporation allows them to create grants to aid in alleviating poverty in developing countries while creating quality outdoor adventure products that are creative and innovative in color and design. The company also takes measures to ensure a quality work environment for their factory workers by providing safe and fair work conditions.


I took the Sueño on a couple of backpacking trips into the Lassen wilderness as well as a car-camping trip to Tahoe where night time temperatures ranged roughly between 45-60F. I’m a cold sleeper so even on summer nights, I’ve been known to pack heftier “zero” bags just in case. I also prefer to sleep in a hammock most of the time which means I sleep even colder than on the floor with the extra air flow beneath me. These factors make me a bit high maintenance when it comes to my outdoor sleep system and made me a little nervous about taking out a cooler bag than I am used to. Regardless, I braved the wild air (with extra sweats in tow, y’know, just in case) and wasn’t disappointed with the Sueño.

Pack Performance

At 5’7″ and athletically built, I’m about the most average sized female ever and therefore have little to no special needs when it comes to the fit of my sleeping bag. Some do fit more snug than others, however, and one of the first things I noticed about the Cotopaxi is how roomy it felt – but also not too roomy. The benefit lost in larger bags comes in losing warmth, since this is generated by the sleepers own body heat, but the Sueño is a well-balanced cocoon of outdoor comfort. The zipper system of the Sueno leaves plenty of options for expansion, too – you can fold the top half down, you can vent the foot box and you can even open the whole thing up as a blanket.

The integrated “pillow pocket” can be stuffed with spare clothing for a versatile headrest that saves you from having to pack a dedicated pillow (that tend to slide away in the middle of the night, anyway). The unique Eyelok hood adjustment is efficient enough that you can cinch it down, hassle-free, with just one hand. There’s even an insulated pocket for your phone to stay toasty, too.

The simple Eyelok system of the Sueno is the most effective, no-fuss system I’ve seen in any bag.

Sleeping Performance

On just one of the nights that I used the Sueño sans-mattress in the hammock, I was cold enough to complain but that could have been easily solved by using a sleeping pad. You know they make hammock-specific mats, right? Yup, that’s a thing. On the rest of the nights I spent in the hammock and once in a tent, I was cozy as hell.


At 2lbs and 13oz, this isn’t the ultralight dream, but for your backpacking hobbyist or “let’s go somewhere” weekend car-camper, the Sueño is a quality piece of gear that will last for many adventures to come. This will remain a go-to pack for weather-weanie me for the spring, summer and maybe even on warmer fall nights.

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