Ahnu North Peak eVent Boot Review

Feature photo by Ryan Thompson 

North Peak Mid eVent – 18oz, $200

The Ahnu North Peak eVent is built for tough-trail performance and top notch comfort with fashion sensitive appeal. Waterproof leather and outer mesh make this boot a good fit for cross country day hikes or overnight backpacking trips while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. They fit great, have a minimal break-in period, and what’s more…they look good. Cute, inspiring adventure selfie? Nailed it.

Ahnu Company Profile

Ahnu is based out of the San Francisco Bay area and founded by Jacqueline Van Dine, Jim Van Dine and Jenny Fredericks after seeing a need for multitasking performance products geared for their adventurous lifestyle. The company name derives from the goddess of balance and well-being in Celtic mythology and represents the philosophy of the company itself, balancing work and play while keeping their business practices socially and environmentally conscious. Since it’s founding in 2006, Ahnu has contributed more than $315,000 to charitable organizations including the Wilderness Land Trust, 1% For the Planet, Breast Cancer Fund, Africa Yoga Project and several others.

The North Peak eVent’s are lightweight, waterproof and comfortable. You won’t have to sacrifice fashion for function…they look great, too. 


The upper of this shoe is constructed of waterproof mesh with some leather overlay to keep you dry through mud, stream, or poor weather conditions. The North Peak comes in a few choices of fashionable colorways to match your favorite outdoor outfit or pack. The soft insole and cushioned PU heel pad make the inside of the shoe notably comfortable on longer treks.

The direct attached polyurethane midsole is designed for comfort and durablity and a full length nylon and fiberglass shank provides torsional rigidity and solid mid foot support – carrying a heavy load is no problem as far as the shoes are concerned. A rubber toe protector adds another level of security for rugged trail, keeping you safe from rocks and roots.

The North Peak eVent’s use ultra durable Vibram DuraGrip outsoles with moderately chunky, multi-directional lugs that bite into the trail making them a great pick for scrambling, too.

The eVent is a fully capable (and good looking) companion to your every hiking need…sturdy, lightweight and ready to take on any condition of trail that your adventure takes you through.


I tested the North Peak’s through several day hikes and overnight trips that included snow, mud, stream crossings, a 35lbs pack, and even crossing a frozen lake. They’ve seen a lot of miles in the short span I’ve owned them and I plan to use them for many, many more.

Out of the box, they’re light weight and genuinely comfortable. I honestly never felt like I was having to break them in and have yet to suffer any blisters or hot spots while wearing them. The higher-than-average ankle cuff requires a little more time to tie down than some of my other test line up, but I wouldn’t consider it an inconvenience for the stability you get out of taking the extra time to lace them up.

The waterproof feature of the boot keeps to standard and in shallow water, didn’t permeate the boot. Don’t go ankle deep, though…the tongue of the boot and inner waterproof membrane isn’t intact all the way to the very top of the cuff so you may get some over flow if you wade too deep. For general function of stream crossing, puddles or mud holes, however, staying dry won’t have to be a thought.

The North Peak might not be a good fit for someone with an especially wide foot, but the women-specific contours of my boot were appreciated in keeping secure to my foot. They keep a good grip to the trail and I even used them on a couple of day trips through snow and over ice without any slipping.

Several online reviews recommend ordering a half-size up, especially if planning to wear a thicker sock. I don’t generally prefer thick socks, so mine ran true to size.

In conclusion…

These are the shoes you pull of the shelf because they look good, but what you’ll find is that they perform just as well as they keep up in fashion. From day hikes to overnighters, the North Peak eVent’s will keep you light-footed, sturdy and adventure-savvy through just about any terrain.

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